Writers block for NaNoWriMo

Okay so I have a an idea for my novel (I know kind of a late start but better late then never), but i can’t think of what I want to do with the idea!

Okay so the idea (in rough form) is that in the AU everyone is allowed to kill one person in their life time. Unless it is for self defense, then it doesn’t count. But, much like how swear words came to be swear words, people who don’t use their Kill are seen as higher, and better, it separates the “rich and poor”. Like: I am better than you because I have not used my Kill. Then for the perspective I was thinking to do the POV of a teenager who is in a very powerful family, that pride themselves that there has not been a use of the Kill in the family for ___ generations. Then do a POV of an average, or below average family with a teen who does not discriminate if you use your Kill or not. However, I feel like this type of POV has vastly been over done. Plus I wouldn’t know what to do after that, what to do with the characters, how they meet, what happens to them, all that jazz. Also, character names, and personalities.

If you have any ideas, or want to expand on the ones I have here let me know! I could really use the help!


NaNoWriMo-November 2014

I would tell all you book enthusiasts, or just plain readers, about an opportunity at trying your hand at making at what you love to read! NaNoWriMo stands for: National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November.

The whole idea is to get you writing, see if you can finish or even get really far in a novel. It’s all about writing, seeing if you can make and reach a writing goal. You set a word count, (if you are still a “kid”, an adult can only go up from 50,000 words) <- see that big scary number right there? Don’t worry about it, if you don’t reach that it’s not like your penalized. The month is all about you and writing. Either little stories or one big one. It’s all about improvement.

I really like this, even though I am not a big writer, because I can see how long I can actually how long I can keep a story going, and just have fun. It’s a great (free) opportunity to try your hand at something new, step out of your comfort zone.

Check out the website if you want to learn more! It would be really awesome if you did it! Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something about yourself as a writer, as a person, that you would have never known.

How many words can you write in a month? Put yourself up to the challenge and find out.

This is the website if you want to check it out!


An empty nest

The baby birds are out of the nest. We have no idea where they are but the parents are still around so they can’t be far. Yesterday, before they left their wings had mini feathers covering them and the birds barely even fit anymore in the tiny nest. From what I understand they will be running around for a little while since they have to build up muscles to fly. I hope they make it and don’t get crushed or eaten by passing dogs! Bye bye birds, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you.


Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters book VS movie

Another rant about how badly they screwed up a movie.



I really had my hopes up after watching the first movie that the movie producers would learn their lesson after how badly they screwed up the first one. Again, like the first movie everything about it was different. How characters got to places, why they were there in the first place, even events that happened. I get that producers can’t make the  movie exactly like the book to keep the ones who read it on their toes during the movie, but there is a better way of going about that. I can appropriate movies like Divergent. It wasn’t closely followed by the book but it wasn’t so far off that it made me mad. In my opinion, that movie was the perfect balance of stealing someone else’s creative ideas, making a movie out of it, but creatively changing it a little bit.

In the Percy Jackson movie it felt like the producers were like “Well now that we changed everything from the first book to the first movie we should do it with the second and see if it takes off better.” I haven’t looked at the charts but to me it seems like neither movie do exceptionally well. The second did fair better than the first though.

Spoilers ahead:

To me it wasn’t even the age changing, the prophesy told to Percy, which is only happens when approved for a quest, but it was the reasons why characters went where they did, or where they went. The journey in the book took Percy, Annabeth and Tyson a lot longer to complete, with more obstacles. The hydra was skipped since it got moved into the first movie so I understand that part but not meeting Circe? I would of liked to see Percy realize just how much he needs Annabeth after being turned into a guinea pig.

The relationship between Tyson and Percy by far angered me the most. In the book Percy gets to know Tyson as a person and sticks up for him, then when they are claimed as brothers the relationship is thrown into a blender getting all crumpled and deformed. Through acceptance they straighten back out the relationship during the quest. In the movie the relationship was just a cyclops saying how glad he has a brother and how much Percy is embarrassed by Tyson. Then at some point in the movie Percy realizes he loves Tyson.


Every part of the movie was different from the book, although somethings annoyed me so much I still clench my jaw in frustration, other things worked well and gave the movie a feel of some creativity. Honestly though I hope that this era of making best selling teen books into movies will be over soon. I’m getting sick of reading a book and then watching a movie and its either good, okay or horrible or completely ruins the book. I would rather see something creative and original then a movie off a book. I know that other older movies are based off books but not as many as there are that are rolling out today. At least authors aren’t starting to make books off of movies, right? *Nervously knocks on wood*

A bird bites the dust

So a couple days ago we went out there to see that there were only three birds in the nest. Alex is dead. The rest are named Hayden, Storm and Skyler (get it get it? no…okay 😦 ) Also they are so big now!! Feathers are started to come in and they are starting to wander about. I came home yesterday and took a peak at them before going inside and could only find two of the babies, they were sitting on the edge of the pot. I looked around but couldn’t find the third! Finally I spotted it laying upside down, out of its mind on the porch.


I don’t know how long the poor bird was like that but I do know that when I found him he was so freaked out that he was twitching. The good news is that he is fine now, hopefully him and his siblings learned their lessons.

This is from today:


They are so freaky because not only do they now have beady little eyes staring at you but birds have basically holes in their heads for ears. The babies don’t have any feathers to cover the holes in their head so it makes them look like they were lined up and shot!


Inside Out By Maria V. Snyder (book 1 of Insiders)

Trella’s world is divided between four floors. Floors three and four house the uppers, who have families and spacious living. Levels one and two live the lowers, the workers, they are called scrubs. The scrubs are given no choice but to clean everything of Inside which makes for long hours. Trella cleans the pipes, being in the pipes alone give her a chance to gives her time to explore the upper levels, where no scrub should be. Prophets bring hope to the lower levels of another place, Outside, and a way to get there called Gateway. Only the hopeful listen to the prophets, and Trella’s only friend is hopeful, dragging her to every new prophet. Although, when one asks for her by name she has no way to get out of seeing him. The prophet asks her to do something, risk her life to go up into the upper levels to gather stolen disks that hold the location to the mythical place, Gateway. This one action leads to more, a rebellion, and Trella is at the center.

Even though this distopian book is exciting and keeps you somewhat on your toes in some ways it was just like every other plot line. That sounds harsh and that I didn’t like the book, but quite the opposite. I finished it quickly and am just now getting to review it. In some ways it felt like a regular plot line: Character is different from others, the characters show personal growth, there are problems faced and solved. After dumbing it down that much it doesn’t sound like it’s worth your time. The thing that made this book special was the details, the actual plot line. The main character was a little dull at times but as the book went on she got more personality. I think the author purposely made Trella kind of boring in the beginning to show how everyone in her world thought and as time went on showed her individuality.

One thing I did not like very much in the book is how Inside is set up and how time works. I found it confusing that they have a week be 100 hours instead of 168 hours like hours. Even though the author makes a point that they do not work on the 24 hour day she never addresses the hours and minutes. The reader just has to assume that it is the same as ours?? They also measure age in their 100 hour weeks which is confusing. I don’t like having to stop reading to do math and figure out how long that is or how old someone is. Also the floors are laid out in an easy way but when reading it is hard to picture it. By now I’ve learned to just go with it but I would like to know how long they have been in the Inside in our measurement of years.

I would recommend this book even with the confusing measurements. That one negative certainly does not out weigh the many positives. Also, the book is clean other than, I think, one kiss.  This book seemed predictable until the truth slammed me in the face and took me by surprise of the twist. Even though it didn’t seem like it would have any twists I still wanted to keep reading to see what would happen to Trella, to Cog and to Broken Man, would the Pop Cops find them before they had a chance to do finished what they set out to do?